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Classic A Link To The Past artwork appreciation post. Artwork drawn by Katsuy Terada. To me, ALTTP still stands tall as one of the finest adventures ever crafted, and the artwork for it still evokes that sense of wonder and adventure that the classic Zeldas give me. ALTTP is something I go out of my way to play through annually. I miss this style of Zelda, in terms of art and adventure. 

Every time I think i’ve seen all the Terada Zelda artwork another post like this pops up



Vegas Star Princess Costume!

The ribbons that make up the ruffle are dyed, as are the various layers of netting, some are solid colored and others are ombre and the bodice is painted (also ombre, but painted).

So back to the question of why these costumes cost so much… these things are literally made from the ground up. The bodice starts out as white satin, the netting’s plain colored, even the stars are custom made. It’s just a blank slate and it gets built into this gorgeous costume. And I think that’s pretty fucking metal.

Source (and an amazing array of amazingly well dyed POTO costumes):